After Hours Concert Series Dog Park 2024 Season Pass

Saturday, November 23
Show | 12am // Doors | 12am
The 2024 After Hours Concert Series Dog Park Season Pass Upgrade is valid for one (1) pet entry into each concert in the 2024 Season at the SERVPRO Pavilion in Doswell, VA.

**NEW** DOG PARK @ After Hours Concerts
The Dog Park at After Hours Concerts debuts May 17, 2024! Bring your furry loveable pet(s) with you to the show! Purchase this season pass (patron must have a show ticket) and bring your dog(s) with you to the venue. The dog park is enclosed and situated near the main entrance with its own double gated entrance for pet(s) and owners. Dog(s) must always be accompanied in the park. Water, waste bags and containers, and a tented area are provided. Timeout enclosures are available for 15 minutes and will be strictly enforced by AHC staff attendant. An aggressive dog is allowed 1 timeout and will be required to leave the park for a 2nd offense.  
We ask all Dog Park patrons to respect each other and their dogs. Enjoy the show with your best friend(s)! This transferable dog season pass ($50) also includes a tracker Patron must also have a show ticket or season pass for attending the show(s)!

DISCLAIMER! After Hours Concerts and its subsidiaries cannot be held responsible for your pet. You will be required to agree to the terms and conditions of a WAIVER & RELEASE OF ALL CLAIMS AND INDEMNIFICATION AGREEMENT upon entering the park. 
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